Glamorous Kitchens for even the Greatest of Chefs in Chino Hills, CA

Welcome to Innovative Design Concepts! Are you considering upgrading your kitchen? You're not the first! In fact, upgrading your Kitchen is extremely common as cooking is one of America's finest pastimes.
Whether you're looking to upgrade your kitchen to cater to Family, Friends, and to Entertain at parties, or you'd like a stunning new Kitchen to showcase and drastically improve the value of your home, we have exactly what you're looking for.

In-House Showroom and Manufacturing for Incredible Value and Quality

When renovating a kitchen, it's important to choose High-Quality materials that will last and improve the value of your home as it withstands the test of time. Innovative Design Concepts has taken this into consideration when designing our showroom in order to show you the possibilities that you could have in your home. Additionally, our In-House possibilities reduce the amount of time that it will take before your products can be installed.
To top our manufacturing, we also offer our own installation services to creative an incredible One-Stop-Shop opportunity for you.
Why wait? Call 888-900 4IDC (4432) today to speak with a member of our team. There's to pressure to buy; simply ask the questions you've been curious about, and we will do our best to educate you and steer you in the right direction.

Available Product Possibilities for your Kitchen Remodel

Below is a summary of what Innovative Design Concepts can offer you:


Innovative Design Concepts specializes in custom kitchen cabinets. Our team produces cabinets that fit your overall design and budget. The cabinets are guaranteed to accommodate your everyday needs. In order to create your custom cabinetry you will need to decide on a door style and cabinet stain. If needed, our designers are happy to help generating your ideal kitchen.

Counter Tops, Slabs, and Islands

When renovating a kitchen you may be faced with so many choices. Picking out the right counter can be one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make due to the vast selection. Our most popular materials consist of quartz, marble, and granite. You are welcomed to come into our showroom and see samples of the products we offer.


By their very nature floors are subject to the most use. Therefore need to be able to stand up to spills, furniture, not to mention people and animals. Kitchen flooring is a key part of any remodeling project, which is why we offer various options to chose from. You will be able to view diverse textures, colors, and materials.