Sophisticated and Durable Flooring Perfect for You in Chino Hills, CA

Chino Hills, CA

Available Flooring Products

Whatever room you're looking to upgrade with our signature flooring options, we have the look, feel, color and price that you're looking for.

Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is by far our most popular choice. Wood is a common choice due to its environmental profile, durability, and restorability. With it's vibrant tones and natural look, any room can look clean, simple and inviting. When properly cared for, hardwood floors can last a lifetime even when they've been worn down.
Have you looked at the incredibly beautiful and sophisticated types of flooring that could compliment the current furniture and design of your current home or business? We have Wood, Stone, Vinyl, and Porcelain options that could bring durability, color and life to your home or business' interior.

Why Choose Innovative Design Concepts for your Redesign?

  • In-House Counter, Cabinet and Product Manufacturing
    • Ensures Highest Level of Product Quality
    • Wide Range of Customization Options to Suite You!
  • In-House Installation Crews
    • Reduces Third-Party Installation Costs
  • Only the Highest-Quality Stone and Wood Used
  • Family-Owned Since 2007
  • Give Back to the Community
  • Financing Available
  • Thoroughly Vetted Manufacturers, Installers, and Crews

Vinyl Flooring

An extremely popular option, vinyl flooring brings some of the most incredible benefits of flooring into one package. With it's incredible durability, wonderful colors, and fantastic designs, this has come to be recognized as a sophisticated and economically friendly choice for any home or business owner.

Natural Stone Flooring

When it comes down to choosing a natural stone floor tile, the options are practically endless. The variety of colors, textures, finishes are limitless. Natural stone floors can be selected in granite, marble, limestone, slate, or travertine. This type of flooring is highly stain-resistant and easy to clean if properly maintained.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain tile is known to be denser and more porous than any other tile. Color and texture runs all the way through every individual tile disguising chips or scratches. It's suitable for floors and walls that are incorporated into your particular design. Overall, Porcelain tile offers unmatched design versatility.